Stakeholder Forum chairs meeting on Green Economy Principles

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8th - 9th Jan 2011: Stakeholder Forum co-chaired a sustainability think-tank workshop that took place from 8th - 9th January in New York, prior to the first intercessional for Rio+20. The meeting was hosted jointly by ANPED, World Future Council, ALOE, Stakeholder Forum and the new economics foundation.

WORKSHOP: Green Economy Principles

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Stakeholder Forum is contributing to a weekend workshop and dialogue on the Green Economy. The workshop will take place in New York on 8th – 9th January, prior to the first intercessional meeting for Rio+20 on 10th – 11th January at the UN HQ.

Stakeholder Forum's Outreach at the COP16 Negotiations

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Stakeholder Forum is producing a daily Outreach magazine throughout the COP16 Climate Change Negotiations in Cancun. Outreach is a multi-stakeholder magazine on environment and sustainable development and, as one of the publications officially recognised by the UNFCCC, will be distributed each day in the main conference venue and side event venue.