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Climate Change and Energy Insecurity

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NEW: We have recently launched our latest book, Climate Change and Energy Insecurity, that examines the interrelatedness of climate and energy production as a security issue.  Edited by Felix Dodds, Richard Sherman and Andrew Highman, the publication hears from leading experts from across science, business, practitioner, and NGO communities to address the global insecurity and development challenges arising from the twin thrust of climate change and the energy supply crunch.

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Stakeholder Forum Workshop, May 2001

By Richard Sherman

Published in Governance Papers

May 2001
Produced for a Stakeholder Forum workshop.

By Johannah Bernstein

Published in Governance Papers

UNED Report to International Eminent persons meeting, Tokyo. Sept 2001

By Felix Dodds

Published in Governance Papers
Monday, 30 November 2009 21:53

Governance for Sustainable Development

Dec 2001

WHAT Governance Programme
By Richard Sherman

Published in Governance Papers

By Felix Dodds, Executive Director, UNED Forum

Published in Governance Papers

Nov 2002

Side event convened by Stakeholder Forum.

Published in Governance Papers

Nov 2002

By Felix Dodds, Rosalie Gardiner, David Hales, Minu Hemmati and Gary Lawrence
WHAT Governance Programme

Published in Governance Papers
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Governance for Global Sustainability

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A Partnership of the Earth System Governance Project and Stakeholder Forum

To strengthen understanding of transformative governance for sustainability through integrating scientific research and multi-stakeholder advocacy.


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Healthier Planet - Healthier Lives 

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The SDGs: Connecting Health and the Environment
The analysis concentrated on those environment and health related SDG targets that have close connections to each other so as to show the most important links between the two themes.

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