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Podcasts Live from Stockholm World Water Week

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Establishing a temporary radio studio on site, Stakeholder Forum produced a series of audio podcasts to capture some of the key debates, issues and innovations under discussion at Stockholm World Water Week. These broadcasts were brought to you as part of the GPPN.

The Stockholm World Water Week offers a unique opportunity to bring together a broad range of key stakeholders from the international water arena. The combination of issue-experts, researchers, policy-makers and civil society representatives from around the world helps to ensure high-quality knowledge-exchange and discussion for which the Week has become renowned. However, a key challenge is to ensure that those discussions are captured and communicated to a wider audience and decision-makers, to promote a lasting impact of the Week's outcomes.

With this in mind, the Global Public Policy Network on Water Management (GPPN) with the Stakeholder Forum media team introduced a new media initiative using audio podcasts that were recorded live at World Water Week. Establishing a temporary radio studio on site, the podcast discussions brought together a range of different issue-experts to discuss the big issues; Is access to water an international human right? Are we really are heading for an era of "hydrological warfare" in which rivers and lakes become national security assets to be fought over, or controlled through armed forces? How can the concept of 'water footprints' impact policy discussions?

To find out the answers to these questions, and a lot more, listen in to our breakfast roundtable discussions and one-on-one interviews. Just click on to our project webspace here




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