Tom Harrisson

Tom Harrisson

Tuesday, 16 February 2010 11:46

Former Board Members


Alex Kirby

Mr Alex Kirby is a British journalist. He worked for nearly twenty years for the British Broadcasting Corporation. From 1987 to 1996, he was environment correspondent for BBC News, working in both radio and television

Andy Wales

Andy Wales, Group Head of Sustainable Development at SABMiller. His previous roles include the Group Head of Environment and Corporate Responsibility at Severn Trent Plc and Sustainability Director, Europe Asia Pacific at Interface Inc.

Johnathan Hodrien

Jonathan Hodrien is the Business Development Manager of Environment & Sustainability at the University of Surrey. He was also previously the Group Environment Manager for the NatWest Group and the Director of Friends of Conservation.

Malcolm Harper

Malcolm Harper worked for Oxfam for 18 years, during which time he contributed to projects in East and West Africa and Cambodia. He is also a Governor of International Students' House in London, Chair of the International Broadcasting Trust and its Third World and Environment Broadcasting Project and a former member of the Board of Director of Stakeholder Forum and now chairs their Policy advisory Panel

David Fitzpatrick

David has worked within the private, public, education and not for profit sectors. For the past 22 years he has been running charitable organisations. David has recognised expertise within sustainable development and maintains links with that area of work as a voluntary director of a number of organisations, including the Sustainable Development Foundation and here with the UN's Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future.

Roger Yates

Roger Yates is currently head of Action Aid's international emergencies and conflict team.

Jim Scott

Jim Scott is currently the Chairperson of Save Our World


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Tuesday, 16 February 2010 11:19

Former Staff

The success of an organisation is built on the work of its staff and that work includes supporting each other when times are very busy. SF is committed to the bringing together of relevant internal actors - and this may include executive members in decision making processes. SF is committed to providing a space for people to input into deliberations around decisions. Mainstreaming a gender perspective in SF is the process of assessing the implications to women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in any area and at all levels.

The following individuals have formed an integral part of the SF team over the years:


Lianna Hullbert Policy Research Assistant (2008-2009)

Hali Healy Policy Researcher (2008-2009)

Ida Bergstrøm Project Co-ordinator / Outreach Daily Editor (2007-2009)


Jennifer Peer Policy Coordinator (2005-2007)

Karen Allonby Administrator (2006-2007)

Anthony Miles Policy Assistant (2005-2007)

Virginia Prieto Communications Coordinator (2005-2007)


Megan Howell Capacity Building Coordinator (2004-2006) and Director of CSD Steering Committee Officer (1999-2000)

Owen Davies Administrator (2005-2006)


Mehjabeen Price, Deputy Director and UK Director (2003-2005)

Marie Duboc Policy Coordinator (2005)

Jodie Bettis Administrator (2004-2005)

Erin Hyland Outreach Editor (February 2005)

Zak John Bleicher Outreach Editor (September 2005)


Zonny Woods Policy Coordinator (2004)

Chris Littlecott Network Editor (December 2004)

Georgina Ayre UNED UK Coordinator (2002) and then Policy Coordinator (2003-2004)

Catherine Budgett Meakin UK Dialogue Group Coordinator (2002-


Karen Dickinson GPA Outreach (2004)

Maddy Cobb Kiev Project Officer (2002-2004)

Toby Middleton Head of Communications and Information (2000-


Aretha Moore Regional Government Project Coordinator (2001-2004)

Trevor Rees Kiev 2003 Project Coordinator and Bonn Energy (2000-


Peter Ritchie Chief of Staff (2003-2004)

Robert Whitfield Implementation Conference (2000-2004)

Musa Salah Implementation Conference for Africa (2002-2004)


Irene Gerlach Implementation Conference Project Coordinator (2002-


Hamid Houshidar Finance Officer (2000-2003)

Minu Hemmati (1998-2003)

Rebecca Abrahms Kiev 2003 Project Advisor (2002-2003)

Ben Dixon UK Wake Up Call Project Officer (2002-2003)

Rosalie Gardiner Head of Policy (2000-2003)

Brian Hanson Regional Government Project Coordinator (2002)

Charles Nouhan Deputy Director (2000-2003)

Joanna Phillips UK Dialogue Group Co-ordinator (2002-2003)

Clare Rhodes Implementation Conference Project Coordinator (2002-


Mohamed Sajjad Deputy Finance Officer (2002-2003)

Sian Slater Administrator (2002-2003


Sarah Williams Wake Up Call Project Officer (2002)

Anna Birney Education Project Coordinator (2002)

Beth Hiblin International Policy & Administrative Officer (2000-2002)

Grégoire Le Divellec Administrator (2001-2002)

Rowen Oberman Wake Up Call Project Officer (2002)

Micahael Burke Implementation Conference/Regional Government

and Award Scheme (2002)

Victoria Cliff Hodges Young People's Call to Action Coordinator (2002)

Jasmin Enayati Multi-stakeholder Processes, (2000-2002)

Gordon Baker Implementation Conference (2002)

Steve Horrax UK Dialogue Group Coordinator (2002)

Anna Lyster Kiev 2003 Project Co-ordinator (2001-2002)

Prabha Choubina Connections Editor (2001-2002)

Clare Flenley Ukraine Projects (1995-2001)

Simon Ford Marketing Adviser (2002)

Danielle Morley Bonn Freshwater Dialogues and other Water projects



Tom Bigg UK Human Development Report & Connections Editor


Adam Cade Development Officer (2000-2001)

Amy Cruse Women & Sustainable Development Co-ordinator (1999-


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Tuesday, 02 February 2010 16:31

IAB Members


Northern Alliance for Sustainability


Arab Network for Environment and Development  


Bahá'í International Community





Development Alternatives





Environment Liaison Centre International


International Council on Social Welfare


Justice and Sustainability Associates


PRIA -Society for Participatory Research Asia




WWF International


World Information Transfer


Trade Unions


International Trade Union Confederation


Academic and Research


International Council for Science


International Institute for Environment and Developlment


World Resources Institute


International Institute for Sustainable Development



Peace Child International


CSD Youth Caucus                     




Huairou Commission                                                


The Network of NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women


Womens Environment and Development Organisation



World Business Council for Sustainable Development


International Chamber of Commerce


Local and Regional Government


International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives


Welsh Assembly Government



International Federation of Agricultural Producers


Intergovernmental Organisations








Education Caucus Commission on Sustainable Development




Genevieve Verbrugge              


Michael Dorsey                      
Friday, 15 January 2010 11:41

Board of Directors

andy binns

Andrew Binns - Chair of the Board

Andy is the Co-Founder and Managing Principal of Change Logic, a global firm that focuses on the link between a company’s strategic aspirations – what it wants to do – and its approach to strategic execution – how it gets done.  He has 20 years of experience working as both an external and internal consultant.  Andy’s consulting experience was with McKinsey & Co. as a specialist in organization change and communications, working with clients in IT, Finance and Manufacturing sectors. At the IBM Corporation, Andy was an organisation coach and consultant, working with senior business leaders to improve the performance of their organizations. He was given an award by IBM’s Vice-Chairman for his work with IBM’s global ‘emerging business opportunities’ and worked closely with Professor Tushman and Professor O’Reilly on the Strategic Leadership Forum.


Derek Osborn - President of the Board

Derek served 30 years in the Civil Service, the latter 6 years as Director General for Environmental Protection with the Department of the Environment until his retirement in 1996. He represented the United Kingdom and was Chair of the Management Board of the European Environment Agency (1995-1999). He was on the Board of the Environment Agency for England and Wales (1996-98), having been involved with its planning and creation. He has been a non-executive director of Severn Trent PLC, and chair of Jupiter Global Green Investment Trust. He is involved with several environmental organisations including the Institute of International Environmental Development (IIED) where he is vice chair.  He is also a Trustee of the Green Alliance.


Emmanuel Lebaut

Emmanuel is a Transformation Director at BT Group, one of the world’s leading communication services firms. Since he joined BT in 2005, Emmanuel has played a key role in the transformation of BT into a global, customer-focused provider of converged IT and telecommunications services. He led the creation of a new, 13,000-people strong operations unit, and engaged stakeholders at all levels of the organisation to drive the design and implementation of a common operating model. Previously Emmanuel spent seven years as a consultant, progressively specialising in change management and transformation. Emmanuel’s international consulting experience extends to both the private and public sector, notably BNP Paribas, and more latterly, the World Bank where he developed a change management strategy for the Bank’s ICT division. He has also worked extensively in Africa, Eastern and Western Europe as an international consultant for BNP Paribas.



Mehjabeen Price

Mehjabeen is currently the Director of Finance and Operations at South West Screen.  She started her career at First Women Bank in Pakistan in 1995.  During her time there she was awarded a scholarship from the Bank of England to complete an MBA at the University of Exeter in 1999.  Before joining South West Screen, Mehjabeen was a staff member at Stakeholder Forum responsible for the organisations finance and operations as well as its national policy and programme activities on environmental issues.  She was also the Deputy Director of the UN Association UK.

felix_dodds_in_2002 ii

Felix Dodds

Felix has played a critical role in promoting multi-stakeholder dialogue at the UN. From 1997 to 2001 he chaired the NGO Coalition on Sustainable Development at the UN. He facilitated the setting up of the international NGO Coalition for the UN Commission on Sustainable Development and the UN Habitat II Conference. He has been an advisor to the UK and Danish Governments and the European Commission at a number of UN meetings. He has published seven books, the latest edited with Andrew Higham and Richard Sherman is called Climate Change and Energy Insecurity, the previous one with Tim Pipard Human and Environmental Security brought out for the World Summit 2005 and was nominated as best environmental book of 2005. Felix has become a regular contributor to the BBC Green Room and other media outlets.



Vijay Krishnarayan

Vijay Krishnarayan is Deputy Director of the Commonwealth Foundation (LINK TO). It was during his initial work in land-use planning that he developed his interest in development and the environment. Vijay now has over 25 years experience working in civil society and also supporting the role of civil society across the globe. He has worked with the National Council for Voluntary Organisation in the UK and with the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute where he was managing director. Vijay has published the book "So You Want to Start an Environmental Network? A Practical Guide to Setting up and Running an Environmental Network". He is a member of the Board of the Community Development Journal. Vijay has a keen interest in a range of sport and holds a season ticket to Arsenal he is also an avid cricket fan.


Craig Bennet

Craig is a Deputy Director at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL), and, in this role, is also the Co-Director of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change (CLG).  In 2007 he led the CLG’s work on the Bali Communique which brought together 150 of the world’s largest companies in support of a comprehensive, legally binding UN framework to tackle climate change.  Prior to joining CPSL, Craig was the Head of the Corporates, Trade and Globalisation Campaign at Friends of the Earth. He also sat on the Executive Committee of Friends of the Earth International, the Steering Group of the Corporate Responsibility (CORE) Coalition and was a Board Member of the Trade Justice Movement (TJM).

Rosie Bilton - Company Secretary


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Sunday, 08 November 2009 12:09

About Us

Stakeholder Forum is an international non-governmental organisation working to advance the achievement of sustainable development on a global level.

Stakeholder Forum seeks to provide a bridge between those who have a stake in sustainable development, and the international forums where decisions are made in their name. To this end, we work with a diversity of stakeholders globally on international policy development, media and communications, advocacy, lobbying, consultation and evaluation to promote progressive outcomes on sustainable development through an open and participatory approach. The organisation played a key role in the preparations for and follow-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development. It is the lead organisation in the development and facilitating of multi-stakeholder processes for sustainable development.

In October 2004 Stakeholder Forum became, after seventeen years, a free-standing organization in its own right. It took the opportunity to rename itself, feeling that Stakeholder Forum for a Common Future looked back to the Brundtland Report in 1987, while Stakeholder Forum for a sustainable future looked forward.

Stakeholder Forum has offices in London and New York, and works with consultants from around the globe. Stakeholder Forum is a non-for-profit organisation and receives funding from governments, UN agencies, foundations and international financial institutions.

Tuesday, 09 February 2010 11:41

GPA Outreach


GPA Outreach is a quarterly newsletter aimed at stakeholders involved in and wanting to have an impact on implementation and development of the Global Programme of Action for the Protection of the Marine Environment from Land-Based activities.


Tuesday, 09 February 2010 11:41

Outreach at CSD-17


CSD - 17


Tuesday, 09 February 2010 11:41

Outreach from UNFCCC COP-15 in Copenhagen


In order to capture the many different voices represented at the climate change negotiations, Stakeholder Forum produced our daily publication, Outreach, from the conference floor of the UNFCCC Committee of the Parties-15 in Copenhagen. For a unique insight into the views, recommendations and observations of a wide range of actors, organisations and sectors, have a flick through the 10 editions of Outreach.


Stakeholder Forum was commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to produce this guide for NGOs and civil society advocates which provides advice and recommendations on how to influence the development and implementation of international agreements on environmental issues.
Monday, 15 February 2010 00:00

How to Lobby Training Day


In preparation for COP15 Stakeholder Forum conducted a 'How to Lobby' training day in the run up to COP15 in Copenhagen, focussing on lobbying techniques, communicating with the media, understanding Global Environmental Governance and engaging with governments.

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A Partnership of the Earth System Governance Project and Stakeholder Forum

To strengthen understanding of transformative governance for sustainability through integrating scientific research and multi-stakeholder advocacy.


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