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Former Staff

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The success of an organisation is built on the work of its staff and that work includes supporting each other when times are very busy. SF is committed to the bringing together of relevant internal actors - and this may include executive members in decision making processes. SF is committed to providing a space for people to input into deliberations around decisions. Mainstreaming a gender perspective in SF is the process of assessing the implications to women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in any area and at all levels.

The following individuals have formed an integral part of the SF team over the years:


Lianna Hullbert Policy Research Assistant (2008-2009)

Hali Healy Policy Researcher (2008-2009)

Ida Bergstrøm Project Co-ordinator / Outreach Daily Editor (2007-2009)


Jennifer Peer Policy Coordinator (2005-2007)

Karen Allonby Administrator (2006-2007)

Anthony Miles Policy Assistant (2005-2007)

Virginia Prieto Communications Coordinator (2005-2007)


Megan Howell Capacity Building Coordinator (2004-2006) and Director of CSD Steering Committee Officer (1999-2000)

Owen Davies Administrator (2005-2006)


Mehjabeen Price, Deputy Director and UK Director (2003-2005)

Marie Duboc Policy Coordinator (2005)

Jodie Bettis Administrator (2004-2005)

Erin Hyland Outreach Editor (February 2005)

Zak John Bleicher Outreach Editor (September 2005)


Zonny Woods Policy Coordinator (2004)

Chris Littlecott Network Editor (December 2004)

Georgina Ayre UNED UK Coordinator (2002) and then Policy Coordinator (2003-2004)

Catherine Budgett Meakin UK Dialogue Group Coordinator (2002-


Karen Dickinson GPA Outreach (2004)

Maddy Cobb Kiev Project Officer (2002-2004)

Toby Middleton Head of Communications and Information (2000-


Aretha Moore Regional Government Project Coordinator (2001-2004)

Trevor Rees Kiev 2003 Project Coordinator and Bonn Energy (2000-


Peter Ritchie Chief of Staff (2003-2004)

Robert Whitfield Implementation Conference (2000-2004)

Musa Salah Implementation Conference for Africa (2002-2004)


Irene Gerlach Implementation Conference Project Coordinator (2002-


Hamid Houshidar Finance Officer (2000-2003)

Minu Hemmati (1998-2003)

Rebecca Abrahms Kiev 2003 Project Advisor (2002-2003)

Ben Dixon UK Wake Up Call Project Officer (2002-2003)

Rosalie Gardiner Head of Policy (2000-2003)

Brian Hanson Regional Government Project Coordinator (2002)

Charles Nouhan Deputy Director (2000-2003)

Joanna Phillips UK Dialogue Group Co-ordinator (2002-2003)

Clare Rhodes Implementation Conference Project Coordinator (2002-


Mohamed Sajjad Deputy Finance Officer (2002-2003)

Sian Slater Administrator (2002-2003


Sarah Williams Wake Up Call Project Officer (2002)

Anna Birney Education Project Coordinator (2002)

Beth Hiblin International Policy & Administrative Officer (2000-2002)

Grégoire Le Divellec Administrator (2001-2002)

Rowen Oberman Wake Up Call Project Officer (2002)

Micahael Burke Implementation Conference/Regional Government

and Award Scheme (2002)

Victoria Cliff Hodges Young People's Call to Action Coordinator (2002)

Jasmin Enayati Multi-stakeholder Processes, (2000-2002)

Gordon Baker Implementation Conference (2002)

Steve Horrax UK Dialogue Group Coordinator (2002)

Anna Lyster Kiev 2003 Project Co-ordinator (2001-2002)

Prabha Choubina Connections Editor (2001-2002)

Clare Flenley Ukraine Projects (1995-2001)

Simon Ford Marketing Adviser (2002)

Danielle Morley Bonn Freshwater Dialogues and other Water projects



Tom Bigg UK Human Development Report & Connections Editor


Adam Cade Development Officer (2000-2001)

Amy Cruse Women & Sustainable Development Co-ordinator (1999-


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