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Our Work Introduction

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Our Work Stakeholder Forum seeks to provide a bridge between those who have a stake in sustainable development, and the international forums where decisions are made in their name. To this end, we work with a diversity of stakeholders globally on international policy development, media and communications, advocacy, lobbying, consultation and evaluation to promote progressive outcomes on sustainable development through an open and participatory approach. Our work can be divided into the following core categories:

Global Policy and Advocacy
Stakeholder Forum plays a key role in advancing policy on sustainable development at an international level. To this end, Stakeholder Forum conducts national, regional and international stakeholder consultations to provide policy recommendations for UN processes, as well as playing a specific role in advocating and lobbying in the intergovernmental context. Stakeholder Forum builds multi-stakeholder coalitions to advocate on particular policy areas, providing background information, policy briefings and interventions where relevant. It also acts as an agenda-setter and thought leader in the area of Global Environmental Governance. Read more…

Stakeholder Engagement
A core aspect of Stakeholder Forum’s mission is to ensure that those who have a ‘stake’ in a policy outcomes related to sustainable development are better placed to participate, inform and shape the decision-making process.  To that end it has developed expertise across a range of engagement tools and practices including stakeholder consultations, multi-stakeholder dialogues, and process design and evaluation.  Read more…

Capacity Development
Stakeholder Forum has been engaging with UN processes on sustainable development since 1987, and as such has developed a significant expertise on how to engage with and influence intergovernmental processes. Stakeholder Forum co-ordinates a number of activities that seek to build the capacity for global stakeholders to get the most out of intergovernmental meetings, and influence policy outcomes to reflect their agenda. Read More....

Media and Communications
The media has become a critical conduit for generating awareness, championing unheard voices and generating political momentum around sustainable development issues.  In order to harness the power of media and communications, Stakeholder Forum’s media portfolio has focused on developing new strategies for working with journalists, generating innovative outreach strategies and producing new media content for campaigns and emerging issues.  Read more....

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