Stakeholder Forum is an international organisation working to advance sustainable development and promote democracy at a global level. Our work aims to enhance open, accountable and participatory international decision-making on sustainable development through enhancing the involvement of stakeholders in intergovernmental processes.

Stakeholder Forum seeks to provide a bridge between those who have a stake in sustainable development, and the international forums where decisions are made in their name. To this end, we work with a diversity of stakeholders globally on international policy development and advocacy; stakeholder engagement and consultation; media and communications and capacity building – all with the ultimate objective of promoting progressive outcomes on sustainable development through an open and participatory approach.

Stakeholder Forum was founded in 1987 as UNED UK – United Nations Environment and Development UK (UNED UK), operating as the National Committee for UNEP in the UK. The organization continues to fulfil this function, but was renamed Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future in 2000 to reflect the broad range of activities that the organization undertakes. Stakeholder Forum played a key role in the preparations for and follow-up to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 and the 2012 Earth Summit ( It is also the leading organisation in developing and facilitating global multi-stakeholder processes on sustainable development.

Stakeholder Forum has offices in London and New York, and works with consultants from around the world. Stakeholder Forum is a not-for-profit organisation and receives funding from governments, UN agencies, foundations and international financial institutions.


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Ann joined Stakeholder Forum in 2013, and since then has ensured the effective functioning of the organisation's financial and administrative systems, and oversees our project contracts.

Prior to joining Stakeholder Forum, Ann carried out similar roles at the Consortium on Opportunities for Volunteering, the Anglo-German Foundation, the TUC, and most recently at Advocates for International Development. She has also acted as a consultant for several small charities and not-for profit organisations and currently acts in a voluntary capacity for the Green House Think Tank.

She has an MA in Modern Languages from Oxford University, a PGCE from Reading University, and a Certificate in Accounting and a Diploma in Economics from The Open University.


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Ruben joined Stakeholder Forum in 2017 as Executive Director. He also serves as the Executive Director of the Earth System Governance Project. In this dual role he is well-positioned to manage Stakeholder Forum and to streamline the Partnership for Governance of Sustainable Development which will strengthen the evidence base of the multi-stakeholder processes facilitated by Stakeholder Forum, and the impact of the novel policy solutions that are developed by researchers from the Earth System Governance Project. 

Ruben studied political science, modern history, law, and economics in Freiburg im Breisgau and political sciences in Potsdam, and holds a degree in environment & resource management from the VU University Amsterdam. Prior to his current position, he gained work experience in diplomacy, industry consulting, research, and international research management.

Governance for Global Sustainability

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A Partnership of the Earth System Governance Project and Stakeholder Forum

To strengthen understanding of transformative governance for sustainability through integrating scientific research and multi-stakeholder advocacy.

Healthier Planet - Healthier Lives 

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The SDGs: Connecting Health and the Environment
The analysis concentrated on those environment and health related SDG targets that have close connections to each other so as to show the most important links between the two themes.